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Pavilions and Other Outdoor Structures to Improve Your Backyard

Pavilions can add elegance and uniqueness to any yard. There are two main residential types of gazebos or pavilions: wood and vinyl. Both have their pros and cons which you need to take into consideration when deciding which to build. Vinyl materials are usually more expensive than wood, and the cost to maintain them is substantially less than wood.

Pergolas have become an easier DIY project for the summer. They give the feeling of an additional outdoor room to your house. Traditionally they have a laced roof, 4 pillars, and are very open to feel that summer breeze. It is up to you how much you want your roof to cover and how much shade you want it to bring. Some choose to add hanging plants from the roof or wind chimes for an added natural effect. Others use a pergola as an addition to their patio and dining area. With the foundation already set and materials all set to go, this project could take less than a full day with two people working. Just keep in mind if you are looking to shelter yourself from the sun and rain that a gazebo, pavilion, or cabana would be a better option.

Sheds are an outdoor structure that's often overlooked. You may not be able to entertain in a shed, but you do need somewhere to keep all of your outdoor items you use for entertaining! Amish sheds greatly improve your backyard, reducing clutter and keeping things well organized. no backyard is complete without a shed!

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