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Frequently Asked Questions

Is granite heat proof?

Granite can take high levels of heat but is not necessarily heat proof. We recommend not putting a hot pan directly onto your granite for the simple fact that it could potentially crack the granite do to the rapid temperature change.

How do I figure out the right cupola for my home, barn, gazebo or building?

There are many factors when choosing the right cupola like size and length of your roof and cupola. Check out this page to choose the right cupola.

Do I have to seal my quartz countertops?

No. Quartz is a man made product and does not have to be sealed. Also, quartz (Engineered Stone) has a nonporous surface that resists scratches.

How often do I have to seal my granite?

Even though some say you have to seal your granite every six months, it is only necessary to seal it once a year.

How do I know how to choose the right gazebo for my backyard?

Check out this gazebo guide on how to choose the right gazebo for your outdoor living area.

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